AKG Lyra USB Microphone

AKG Lyra USB Microphone

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AKG Lyra USB Microphone

USB microphones are nothing new but there's a lot more to the AKG Lyra than its gloriously vintage look, which tips a nod towards both vintage broadcast mics and AKG's own C414. While clearly of appeal to podcasters and videocasters, the microphone also has applications in home or mobile music recording.

The Lyra sits atop a custom all-metal desk stand, and the swivel section can be separated by using a coin to unscrew the threaded thumbscrew that secures it to the base of the stand. The mic and swivel section may then be mounted on a standard mic stand, and an EU thread adaptor is included. Built into the case is a shockmount for the capsules and a sound diffusor to help reduce plosive pops. Power comes from the USB port into which the mic is plugged; a suitable USB cable is also included. For those who haven't yet decided on which DAW to go with, a copy of Ableton's Live 10 Lite is included.

Perhaps the most noticeable departure from convention is that the Lyra actually incorporates four back-electret capsules, two angled slightly away from each other and forward facing, plus two rear-facing capsules angled the same way. AKG call this their Adaptive Capsule Array. A four-way rotary switch then selects between four pickup patterns depending on the application. Position one is for a single user sitting in front of the mic and yields a cardioid polar pattern, while position two accommodates a pair of performers, one behind the mic and one in front. This appears to be an omni pattern. Position three picks up from the front of the mic in a tight stereo pattern, while position four picks up both front and rear in a wide stereo pattern for occasions when more ambience is needed.


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