Strauss Street Box Buskers Amp

Strauss Street Box Buskers Amp

Brand: Strauss
Product Code: Strauss Street Box Buskers Amp
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Price: $499.00 $449.00

 Strauss Multi-Purpose Personal Monitor

Strauss Multi-Purpose Personal Monitor

Strauss ‘Busker’ Stereo 20 Watt.
Portable twin channel multi-purpose, solid state amp perfect for buskers.
Tilt back cabinet design & power adapter.


Mic/Line channel with volume, treble, bass & delay controls.

Guitar channel features clean volume, clean/drive switch,
overdrive gain & volume, bass, mid scoop & treble controls.

Stereo Auxiliary in (for Mp3 play back) via RCA jacks.

Stereo Headphone Socket.

In-built tuner with LED.

Battery status indicator light. 

2 x 6.5” speakers.

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