ZILDJIAN - 14” ZHT Master Sound Hi-Hat Pair.

ZILDJIAN - 14” ZHT Master Sound Hi-Hat Pair.

Brand: Zildjian
Product Code: ZILDJIAN - 14” ZHT Master Sound Hi-Hat Pair.
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Price: $319.00 $295.00

Renowned Mastersound design and Zildjian Ultimate Sheet Bronze combine in these amazing hi-hat cymbals!

ZHT Mastersound hi-hats give you bold, melodic sound with full-bodied presence.

For their ZHT series Zildjian chose Ultimate Sheet Bronze, an alloy with a higher tin content for enhanced low- and mid-frequencies. This extraordinarily musical metal is combined with ultra-modern manufacturing techniques and extensive hammering to create value-priced cymbals with sounds that are both modern and traditional.

Zildjian creates their Mastersound hi-hats using innovative hammering techniques on the outer rim of the bottom hi-hat cymbal, resulting in alternating raised and lowered contact points that facilitate rapid air release. This creates a noticeably faster and cleaner "chick" sound, without sacrificing body in the overall sound of the cymbals.

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